12 Year Old Girl HANGS HERSELF Live On Camera . .

A 12 year old girl from Silver Creek, Polk County, Georgia is making INTERNATIONAL news – the young lady reportedly HANGED HERSELF live on social media. The young lady, reportedly named Katelyn Nichole Davis lived with her mother and was a student at Cedartown Middle School. She allegedly hanged herself on December 30, 2016.

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  • Jewels Therian

    this is terrible and yet what makes it worse is that schools pretend they try to prevent this.I know there was a time i tried to do this and the school pretended to care.Parents need to pay attention to their kids and look for the signs of this

    • Kylie Fahrer

      Lol, are you kidding?? It’s called suicide for a reason! She ain’t gonna tell her mom she’s about to do it, that’s kinda fucked you said that..

      • Sarah Wilson

        Actually, you’re wrong. Coming from a girl who had tried to commit suicide SEVERAL times, yes she won’t come out and say “I want to die” or “I’m going to kill myself” unless she wants help like I did. It’s not that easy, and there’s much more to it than just that. There are signs such as isolation, depression, cutting, lack of motivation, lack of care, lack of effort, lack of appetite, loss of interest, etc. I could go on and on. Nobody really understands unless you have personally experienced it. You are irrelevant, no offense, I agree 100% with the guy who you replied to because there are signs and you just have to be very cautious.

        • craig jack

          OOOOR you could stop being a self-centered little brat and think maybe there is someone worse off than me. And honestly, no one cares if you tried to murder yourself SEVERAL times, you just used that to get attention and to prove how right you are.

          • Emi Lizor

            Are you serious?????? It’s not being self centered!!!!! It’s a fucking mental illness and it’s ignorant asses like you that make the stigma of it grow. It’s not for attention. I’ve struggled with depression since I was 13 and I hid it because I didn’t want to drag any one down. I’d rather make someone smile. So yeah fuck you for that! I hope one day you can actually get a little education on what depression and suicide really is and that it’s not a choice! It’s definitely not being self centered…..😤🖕🏼😡

          • Joshua Carpenter

            You’re a fucking potato.

          • jun suk may

            Fuck your mother ! 😩

          • akatrixy


          • Rachel Golding

            That’s kind of messed up for you to say!!! Sorry not everyone was the popular kid and had the perfect family like others! You have NO IDEA what it’s like so shut the fuck up. Shit like that is what CAUSES this. “Oh, you’re okay. People have it worse than you. Just cheer up.” Maybe people have it worse, but maybe that’s how much that certain person can HANDLE. So don’t EVER say that someone is over reacting. You’re the kind of person that causes this.

          • Amy Downing

            I’m going to assume you’re young and naive to mental illnesses. You have cruel words and maybe should keep them to yourself. There are lots of people who care. Educate yourself on depression and suicidal thoughts, you’re definitely not thinking about your own wellbeing, let alone another individual. You shouldn’t be on posts or boards of this nature, your words and thought process are destructive and negative.

          • Randomr Girl2002

            Hello I just want to say that u don’t know what she was going through to make her Evan think of coming suiside let alone actually doing it and streaming it live!!! I’m only young but I know there are usaly reasons to people comitting suiside and one of them is not for attention! Takin yore own life isn’t some thing u do to get yore name pout on the news/news paper !! Taking yore life is what u do when u feel like it is yore only option or when u think the people around u will do better off with them not there!!

          • Iveth

            If you haven’t been threw what she was going threw then you have no right to even comment. What type of person are you honestly… I myself attempted suiced it doesn’t feel nothing good going threw this at all.. but that’s why with comments like the one you made is why others go and kill themselves. Not everyone has a little perfect life like you think. It’s stupid how there’s many other ppl like you judging others who take their life away. You don’t know what it feels like to be depressed or feel all alone to isolate yourself from others so shut up with your stupid comment!

          • jun suk may

            craig jackass the jerk 😂

          • Viola Borum


          • Sarah Wilson

            I wasn’t being self-centered. I care more about others than I do myself, yet I do stay strong and I have been clean for quite a long time, the last time I tried to commit suicide was March 3rd 2016, so it’s been almost a year and right after that my friend committed suicide March 21st yet I’m still here. I’m trying to prove that even though you’re depressed and you’re obviously not going to tell people you want to die, there are signs to help prevent the outcome. I don’t want attention I just wanted to prove my point. But you are one cold hearted person.

        • Shannon Marie Haworth

          I agree cuz I have been bullied all !y life and I got anxiety and depression and I did cut and I can’t go outside on my own xxxx

        • Amy Downing

          Sarah, thank you for getting help. Beautiful girl you’re priceless. I don’t have to know you to tell you your worth. This world is a cold, heartless place but there are so many individuals who are not. There’s a reason you’re here on this earth. If you ever get to a bad place or just need someone to talk to I’m available 24/7. For that matter I’m available for anyone who’s lost sight of their importance. 360.977.4842
          You are priceless
          You are loved
          You are important
          Never ever ever give up

          • Sarah Wilson

            Thank you so much. I’m sorry I didn’t see this sooner, but it means so much.

      • Tegan Nappari

        No it isnt. Because she did tell her mom. A week prior to this she told her mom that her step dad was molesting her and hwr mothwr called her a liar. This was the only other way she knew how to make it stop…

        • Mel

          the same thing happened to me. i told my mom her bf was molesting me. she called me a homewrecker and treated me so bad. no support at all. then she kept acting like i was lying. “if you’re telling the truth…” “if what you say is real…” i was only a child. sometimes moms care more about keeping a man than they do their own children. i will not have kids. i dont want them living in a fucked up pathetic world like this.

          • Tegan Nappari

            Yeah. Me too. Except my parents have been married for 32 years (I think) maybe 33? My mom just passed tho. But wasnt my dad. It was a neighbor friend of theirs. My whole family called me a liar. I disowned them all once i became an adult. I regret the last words i ever told my mom being “go to hell, bitch” but not enough to let my family back into my life. I’m not mentally strong enough to endure the painful reminders.

          • Kita Mc

            That’s terrible. I am so sorry to hear that. I can imagine

          • Brian Keith Edgin

            Trust me, I do t think people believed me either, I was 5 and remember everything my brother did the me…. not an easy thing to deal with,especially when you try to hang yourself and it don’t work

          • Goji Nicole

            My heart goes to you 😘

          • Amy Downing

            It can get better. There is help. Please know there’s so many people who want to and will help you, don’t take your own life.

          • Tegan Nappari

            And yeah i agree. Thanks to that man i can’t have children. But i’m not grieving over the fact. I don’t want kids. For why? So they can see the seventh realm of hell too? Pass….

          • Charlene

            I’m so sorry you had to go through that. My prayers are with you

          • Lan Goodson

            I believe you, my paternal uncle raped me, my step dad never tried anything, but until today my mom thinks I’ll sleep with men, I have been turned against men, my uncle told her I gave it to him at 12, and I’m in my late 40s, and she can’t stand me

          • Darlene Mazoue

            That’s your mom’s loss at the end of the day you know the truth.. That your a wonderful person….

        • Lan Goodson

          Omg, I would have used a hammer on his head

      • Jarrett stewart

        The girl was on meds for depression and in the whole video explains that her step dad tried to rape her multiple times…..

      • Mrsjammer

        You are right Kylie, however, there are signs. More quiet than usual, spending more time in their room than usual, sleeping more, change in eating habit, not wanting to go to school, not wanting to go out of the house, too much time on the computer or cell phone. Change in attitude about talking to parent. Many warning signs…so lighten up, everyone deal with this internally different.

      • Ben Wright

        if your parents cant help who will i know i was like that once not so long ago, you need people to show you how much they need you here so that if you dont want to be on this earth you can at least stay a little longer for them

      • Tiffany Mullins

        She pretty much said to pay attention to signs, there may not always be signs but with everyone that i know that committed suicide had signs such as depression, threatening their life, drinking excessively, started taking drugs, ect. That’s not fucked up that she said that, it’s true. Btw not even a month ago a 13year old girl called her family to tell them she was going to commit suicide and they actually watched her shoot herself in the head.

    • Dindu Nuffin

      What’s your Therian animal?

    • Jasmine Marie Marx

      My daughter wrote a suicide note in December school got it made copies never notified anyone…..she hung herself in July the friend pruduced the note after she died and thought we knew

      • Harl3y21420

        So sorry for ur loss. And if the school had seen the suicide note and they never notified u then the school can get in trouble cause they couldve prevented it so she could’ve gotten help for her depression.

        • Jasmine Marie Marx

          I’ve been told they can’t be held responsible

          • Harl3y21420

            That’s crazy they definitely should be held responsible

          • Broseph

            Let’s not stop there — let’s hold schools responsible for students dropping out, smoking and drinking, and even getting pregnant. Schools exist to teach children; they are not mental hospitals or … PARENTS.

          • Harl3y21420

            Ok but if they found a suicide note they are mandated reporters for everything else. Y not to prevent a suicide. What if that was ur child?

  • Tegan Nappari

    I think what makes it worse is the name scrolling across top. BEST Gore… Best nothing! What the fucking hell! There’s nothing cool or comical about this! Its horrible and gut wrenching and if you THINK theres something “Best” about any of this? I would say see a psychiatrist but that won’t do any good. You need to go to hell!

    • Dindu Nuffin

      It’s not quite like that, as you and Katelyn both missed the bottom line, not the point, the bottom line: Life moves on, with or without you.In 5 years time, Katelyn will be a faded memory to 99.99999999999999999999999% of the entire world, and in 10 years, even more save her family and friends, and even they too shall numb to the endurance, and move on, such is Human nature. So Best Gore gets right down to it…the future…they’re dead, life will move on, without or without them, and what exactly are you doing? You’re watching the video of Kate hanging herself. Please, spare me, of course you watched the video, and why shouldn’t you? Humans need to watch, to understand, what they don’t understand, but actually, understood. I could go on, dissect your comment psychologically, hence Logic and Psychology are my forte, but I shan’t, and you know why. Let it go, let her go, it’s finished, and this video hurts.

      • Tegan Nappari

        I watched some of it. Because the link was sent to me. I thought it was a sick joke at first but found out it wasnt when i searched it. This is a TWELVE year old! If all you have to say about a twelve year old killing herself is “life moves on” someone needs to chop your nuts off and fix you like the dog you are. Oh and they need to take any kids you may have already, away from you.

        • Dindu Nuffin

          That’s nice. You should have been aborted with a coat hanger, then the world would truly be a better place.

          • Tegan Nappari

            Hey! Shouldn’t repeat that! Ur momma been saying that bout u but still. We all know u hate urself. Lol. Go on little boy. Talk more shit about me. You can say whatever you want to little boy. That don’t make it true. Just makes me laugh. At you. Not with 😂😂😂

          • Tegan Nappari

            You would never say that shit to my face. You are what is commonly known as a “keyboard warrior” you act all tough and ghetto behind a computer screen because can’t nobody knock the shiy out ya ass. In real life though you avoid confrontation because you know you can’t fight and you would get your ass beat. Even by a little white girl like me. The white girl who spent almost 8 years in the Marine Corps and owns 12 guns. You would never jump to me in real life. Even if that was not who I am. Even if I was some geeky little white girl walking out of the library you would not have the required balls to jump it may. So shut the fuck up bruh. We all know your type and we all know about it. You can go somewhere else now. Byyeee!!! 👍👌✌💯

          • Tegan Nappari

            You would never say that shit to my face. You are what is commonly known as a “keyboard warrior” you act all tough and ghetto behind a computer screen because can’t nobody knock the shit out ya ass. In real life though you avoid confrontation because you know you can’t fight and you would get your ass beat. Even by a little white girl like me. The white girl who spent almost 8 years in the Marine Corps and owns over a dozen guns. You would never jump to me in real life. Even if that was not who I am. Even if I was some geeky little white girl walking out of the library you would not have the required balls to jump at me. So shut the fuck up bruh. We all know your type and we all know about it. You can go somewhere else now. Byyeee!!! 👍👌✌💯

          • Dindu Nuffin

            Wow, you sound like an inbred piece of confused garbage. Here’s some quotes from your dumb ass, “My whole family called me a liar”, (Last words to your stupid mother) “go to hell, bitch”, ” I’m not mentally strong ” (Duh, you sound like a raving lunatic with MAJOR psychiatric problems) ” i can’t have children. I don’t want kids”. Now, you retard, here’s another quote from your sniveling dykeness, “I’m going back to life and my 4 month old”. So…you can’t have kids and you state you don’t want kids, but you have a 4 month old? If that’s true, you should have used a coat hanger on that thing so it doesn’t grow up to be some dumbass, hypocritical, pathological lying wigger/hillbilly thing. Sure, call people keyboard warriors when you blather and prattle on about being some drone working for Obongo the tranny muslim bitch in the USMC. Who cares. “Jump to you”? Are you retarded? You have one thing correct, I do avoid confrontation in real life, because in spite of your twisted panie comment about how many guns you own, I own quite a few myself. In fact, I can one up your PTS, nerve racked scrambled egg for brains by informing your stupid ass I carry concealed firearms thanks to my CCW, and if you as so much attempted to physically accost me, I would legally be allowed and encouraged by my State Law to splatter your brain all over the concrete, and I wouldn’t even think twice. “Never risk getting their ass beat in real life”…You stupid cunt, I would love to see what my hollow points do to some emotionally compromised idiot such as yourself who feels they have to attack someone over freedom of speech. You claim to have been in the Services, but you fail to remember people more important than you have given their life to defend the fact that I can say what I want, and if you’re too stupid to understand that concept, and present me with fear of bodily harm or death, then I’d rid the world of another useless, yappity snowflake who got the butthurts. One punch from someone can kill somebody else, which means in my State, which has the Stand Your Ground law, and the Castle Doctrine, I can defend myself with deadly force, even if I’m not attacked. Which means, your stupidness, if I walked away from you, and you followed me, I’d pull one of my firearms. If you continued at me, it would be lights out for you. So can the “I’ve got 12 guns” crap because frankly, I don’t give a rats ass. You’d be dead, because I carry one of many and change the calibers daily. Something else? I also legally carry an OTF double action switchblade, a single action Guardfather Automatic Stiletto Dagger, and 3% capsicum pepper spray. You don’t even know who you’d be stepping up to, but your dead mother could tell you how badly you messed up when you meet that dumb, dead whore in purgatory. F off, you know not who the “person on the street” is. That person you attack just might be the coat hanger your stupid, dead mother should have wielded years ago. I’m glad that cunt is dead. F you. PS, I’m legally allowed to carry my M1-Garand loaded in my car, autographed by my wife’s grandfather who was in Company G, 175th Reg, 29th Division, and survived 5 death camps, the storming of Normandy, a bullet to his helmet, Germans who shot his friends and let him live because of his German name, and I’m invited to see Trump, Putin, and the Queen in France this year on D-Day in France in honor of the Grandfather. You don’t amount to a hill of beans, you aren’t shlt, and you can go f yourself and lie about how many kids you have. I bet you were gang raped by a gaggle of ghetto thugs like Traygone Fartin lol. Who’s da daddy lol!!! Byyyeee!!! 👍👌✌💯 (You’re a psychopath, seek help, you need it bitch)

          • Dindu Nuffin

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          • Dindu Nuffin

            Have you cut yourself today? No wonder Marcus left you.

      • upthedownsteroids

        Life does move on, BUT it will never be the same for those left behind. Even tho people won’t mention her, she will always be in peoples thoughts.
        And no it don’t get “numb” (being on both sides of a situation similar) you always have small things remind you, “what/how did I miss?” (Ect…) If this video saves just one person somehow she will of been more help than most people including you will ever be.

      • jun suk may

        Oh is that it? So what difference does ‘anything ‘make, even your post comments huh? Follow her suit deuces! 😡

      • Logic and Psychology may be your forte, but apparently maths and compassion aren’t.
        Sure life moves on, and fortunately most people won’t store too much trauma from this event, but life will be different because Katelyn is not a part of it.

  • guy


  • craig jack

    I saw someone say that the world lost a brave soul from this. If this girl was brave, she wouldn’t have killed herself, she would have stuck through with whatever stupid crap she had to.

    • akatrixy


    • XxSaffyMspxX

      You are disgusting for you to say that is just plain ignorant. You cant take it out on a poor 12 year old who was being molested and took her life for a mistake THIS website made.

  • Charlene

    This breaks my heart to no end. I was always very active in my children’s lives, I can’t even imagine what that precious baby was thinking. Depression comes in many forms but not always visible by the naked eye. Rest in peace Angel. If anybody ever need to talk or just vent. Please feel free to message me. I’ll never judge you. Sometimes it’s easier talking to a stranger or just knowing someone out there cares . God bless

  • John Williams

    Suicide is one of the Most pathetic and Weakest little bitch excuses to deal with problems in life, I would of cut the rope and beat the living shit out of this stupid girl, and all you pieces of shit that tried to commit suicide you are all fuking garbage, I watched my family fuking die before my eyes, and suffered through shit way worse than this and never ever have I ever though of shuting myself down over the shit that happened to me, whether theres someone out there who cares about you or not who gives a shit, fucking get up off the floor quit crying like a bitch and fix your life, I grew up alone amd have been alone ever since, at the age of 17 my aunt decided to let me live with her and I started working and preparing myself to build my own story and my past has only served me as an experience that you can’t rely on ANYONE in this life if you want shit done, do it yourself quit being a piece of garbage…. fuking pussies

    • akatrixy

      Wow. You are talking about a baby. She was 12 asshole Happy you are such a supreme individual that you feel you can judge others but, you are a douche

      • Juanita Jenny Melendez Machuca

        The mother needs to go to jail behind her death, technically she caused it, also find out if she told t he doctor who medicated her. She is 12 being sexually abused, I believe doctor patient confidentiality doesn’t count in this situation, as per CHILD protective services!

    • Goji Nicole

      You watched family members die, ND your right there’s no reason to go bat shit crazy, but when your 12 years old, and your step dad is raping you, ND you tell your mom! ND she calls you a lier all hope is gone, your mother is the one that gives you that unconditional love your best friend, ND she don’t believe you, what’s next,? Think bout it I’ll fucking wait you piece of shit.

      • John Williams

        EASYER SOLUTION TO SUICIDE is called leaving and finding help, everywhere in the world theres people that help in these cases even schools can get you out of situations like this one, suicide is the most pathetic one

        • If even her mum calls her a liar, how is she to believe that anyone will believe her. She could quite reasonably believe that if she left she’d be found and dragged back to face even worse abuse.
          Also,the abuse was apparently being perpetrated in front of her younger siblings, so she may have felt a responsibility to stop it happening quickly. As a 12yo she may not have realised that her suicide is going to affect her siblings far worse than seeing the abuse,bad as them seeing the abuse is.
          It doesn’t sound like you’ve ever had to put up with repeated rape, let alone at 12 years old, so for all your ranting about how bad your life was, it seems pretty tame compared to what she was experiencing, even though it has apparently left you pretty damaged.

    • Jarrod Cole Toney

      I am sorry for your loss and the pain you felt, but there is a difference in losing your family and having your family turn against you in such a disgusting manor. The people she loved and was suppose to trust hurt her in unthinkable ways, they betrayed her. There is pain in losing someone, but you can say so many different things to make yourself feel better, “they’ve gone to a better place,” “At least our last moments were good,” Her parents are still alive and would have been a horrific memory for her…haunting her for the rest of her life. She may have been able to live through it, but only if she got proper help and tons of it. She felt alone, even when she was with people…trapped in an abusive life. Her mother called her a liar…the one person that’s suppose to always be there for you. I’m sad this was the only way that she could find peace, but at least she has peace.

    • Amy Ewing

      Well, she DID do it herself. Its probably people like you that cause others to feel worthless. Ya, usually people like you have been abused and now you’re covering it up trying to be a big bad ass. Suicide is just an excuse to not kill someone else like you.

  • Lisha Marlar

    When you go thru tough times with ignorant people, you become stronger. Noone should not commit sicide. Life is tough sometimes. I pray for this young lady and her family. If I had a daughter or son and they said they were raped I would believe my child over any man!!! God bless

    • They should certainly be taken seriously enough to report it to the police, who could then investigate. Children can make up some pretty serious allegations, but if properly investigated the very few lies would be swiftly separated from the genuine cases.
      Children need to know that they will be taken seriously in serious matters, because they are not in a position to protect themselves.

  • Connor Smith

    This is fucking terrible, a little girl at this age hanging herself for all of an old man wanting to have sex with her and trying to force her to. The dirty basted even did it to her siblings. This girl should not be put under that pressure as she is only a fucking child and all she gets is verbal, physical, and metal abuse form the one that her mum truly loved. Trust in this life takes a lot and for someone that took that trust for granted for sexual exploits for a little girl or boy, so they become just like this should be electrocuted or even hanged themselves. The thing is we don’t know all the details. Her family is in keep doors and even yours as well. There could be more to this. When she writes in her diary “My stepfather verbally, physically and mentally assaults me and always tell me to kill myself” is so disgusting that he should be locked away for that push of taking her own life, just like a murder. We have all got to admit, when life sometimes go wrong we do thing of suicide. It is naturally goes through our heads. She couldn’t help being hurt and she will not be hurt anymore. We shall have her in our hearts to remind us that this is happening every single day. Rape, murder and suicide. I give her all my respect and love as she could of lived more and been happy and a dirty pervert took that from her.

    RIP and Amen

    • ballerina2159

      I agree with you except your foul langue, there is no cause for your Dirty Mouth.

  • Purple Panda “le Oreo thief” M

    This is just so horrible…..

  • DrizzyGadget

    I don’t feel sorry for people who kill themselves

    • akatrixy

      She was a baby you douche!

    • Goji Nicole

      She could have been your baby sister you ignorant asshole

    • Barbara Ann

      Think just for a few seconds just how BADLY a person probably feels before killing themselves. I am not talking BADLY like failing a test in school or getting fired from a job. I am talking feeling like you are in an empty room,alone and it is filling with water and you feel frozen there, alone, darkness surrounds you, no one to go to,nowhere to go . Desperate, hell that you actually believe the only way is by killing yourself.

  • Britney Palmer

    This is a very serious matter. This girl was 12! For all you people trying to talk crap about her here in the comments, I hope Karma do you well for the wrong you are doing by slandering this girl! She was depressed, she tried to tell her mom what was happening just to be called a liar but the one person she thought she could trust. She was at rock bottom. For you to sit there and call her weak and a coward and so forth, is wrong. You have no idea what this poor angel went through and god bless you for being ignorant to this. try to place yourself in her shoes. No dont think “Oh well I would have just done this” no. You wouldn’t have. You can say you would but that is only because you havent gone through it. If you were actually going though what this girl did, you wouldnt be talking this way. Have some respect and recognize that this shouldn’t have happened, she should still be alive and that man behind bars.

    • cosmic_trash_can

      she was at rock bottom but now she’s flying

      • Britney Palmer

        Flying with the Angels.

        • cosmic_trash_can

          no i mean literally hovering in the air

          • Britney Palmer

            That’s wrong…so wrong..

          • Dindu Nuffin

            HAAHAHAHAHA OMG LOL!!!!

    • Broseph

      I don’t think it’s slander if people are talking about something she did to herself. It’s in bad taste, but she’s the one who filmed it, so it’s not even conjecture at this point.

    • Dindu Nuffin

      You actually signed up to make those comments. That means either:
      You have being molested, You are depressed, You have thought about suicide, or all of the above.

      • Britney Palmer

        Don’t try to act like you know me. Is it a crime to just want to stand up for a girl who can’t defend herself from some of these comments? I felt the need to speak up for her, and I did.

  • Mita Villagran

    This is nuts people f u need help get it don’t b stressed out 4 a break up cause it’s ur 1st time dont hurt ur self 4 any 1 no matter what feelings u have 4 the person there’s always a better way friends, dad, mom,teacher’s,music think smart pl 💋💄💋

    • Nice sentiments, but this was apparently a case of ongoing sexual abuse. Yes, there’s always a better way. “Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem”, but a 12yo shouldn’t be put in a position where they have to look for that better way, especially since snippets of info in other comments suggest that a) it was ongoing abuse, b) she had tried to tell her mother, and c) The abuse was apparently being perpetrated in front of her younger siblings, so she may have felt a responsibility to stop it happening quickly. In reality her suicide is going to affect her siblings much worse than seeing the abuse, even though them seeing the abuse is bad.

  • Aiden Fearns

    As a 17 I have no comment. A 12 YEAR OLD being driven to believe the only way out is suicide? it completely breaks my heart to see a young and pretty girl cut her life so short because of her step-dads evil peverted intentions towards her. I feel so bad for her and it really makes you think if I could have done something to help her then by god I would have. Rest In Peace Katelyn, You’re in a better place now <3

    • John Donne

      So where was her mother while all this was going on ?

  • Mason Wright

    She needed more help but she ultimately went down the wrong way/path in the end.

  • Stacey

    This is so sad! My heart melts! I have a 12 yr old and CAN NOT IMAGINE! Something had to have been going on in her home or school. She felt there was no way out! That NEEDS to be investagated. There is a lot of child suicide going on and bullying. I teach my children not tease or make fun of anyone! You never know what someone is going threw. A NEW LAW NEEDS TO BE PASSED! Mandatory counseling and a child must see a therapist when they reach middle school. When hormones start raging and young boys/girls become young men/ladies. My heart is aching for this child. Whoever posted this video and hasn’t taken it down, SHAME ON YOU!! Rest In Peace sweet angel. 🙏🏻😇

  • Sarry1322

    I don’t post normally to things like this but after reading some of the comments I just have the need to say something. All of this back and forth probably doesn’t change anyone’s personal opinion, but what I do know is that everyone has a right to say, think, and feel whatever they want. I truly believe that there are going to be people who care about this matter wholeheartedly and people who Will be negative and destructive to situations like this. What we should remember is that this was a human being, a beautiful miraculous soul. She was someone’s daughter, someone’s friend, someone loved this girl more than anything. No matter how this poor young woman passed away, there are people’s hearts that have been broken because of this. People who are grieving this terrible terrible loss. No one knows what really went on in this poor girl’s life and no one knows the reason. None of that really matters, all that matters is that she is gone and the people who care and are hurt by this should stand together for the sake of her family and friends. Depression is a disease and there are people who understand that and people who do not, and that’s okay (we don’t even know if she was depressed.) If everyone understood everything and had compassion for each other then this world would be a much better place. Unfortunately that isn’t reality. We must surround ourselves with others who share our same opinion and feelings and pray or send positivity to the family and one another. If everyone could take just a minute to really think about that young girl and what her mom or dad or friends are really feeling right now and just try to envision what you would feel like if that were someone you cared and loved deeply about. What would you feel like if perfect strangers, who know nothing of you, your family, or the situation at hand, were saying such mean hurtful things, who were speculating and assuming the worst? I don’t think it would help or improve anyone or anything. In my opinion, we as humans can do incredible and wonderful things when we stand together and fight for what we are passionate about, and I think that the people who are passionate in a helpful and positive way, should stand together and say, “We are sorry that your hearts are hurting and that we may not have known her but we care and she mattered!” No matter who you are or what you believe, I know that if something like this happened to someone you loved and cared about you would only want to hear kind positive words of love, compassion, and sympathy. For those of you who do not care and are only here to say horrible things, you have EVERY right to your opinion, but even though that is true, just ask yourself, is what you are about to say or type really going to help? Is it something that, if it were you who was experiencing horrible loss and grief, would you appreciate someone saying it to you?

    Most people probably won’t read the novel I just wrote and there are going to be people telling me that what my opinion doesn’t matter to them, and that’s fine, but for my own self conscious I could not just “walk away” sort of speak, without trying to at least and hopefully make someone just take a second to think before they say something hurtful about a matter that, unless you are this young woman’s family or friends, you know nothing about.

    To the people who love this young woman, I am truly, deeply, and utterly sorry for your loss. I hope that you only hear and feel the wonderful thoughts, prayers, and compassion from others and that you are able to grieve in peace. Every person in this world matters and so did she.

  • Destiny Morand

    Why would you enjoy watching this or let alone watch it at all? Thats the life of precious beautiful soul.

  • William House Pruitt

    My ddoctor, my parents, and my friends thought was attention seeking when I asked for help.. i was told to snap out of it and/or I shouldn’t make comments about it my life isn’t that bad I was told after saying I had previously attempted suicide. It took me bleeding to death in a hospital bed before anyone believed me that I truly needed help. Suicide is not something to be taken lightly. Its scary how suddenly things can change…

  • Pseudonym.


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  • Pseudonym.

    Can we get some PogCHamps in the chat? Thanks for hanging around the stream with us. get it? Hanging?

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  • Becky Johnson

    Did this really happen or what?

    • Vicky Bryan

      Yes it did sadly

  • black jesus

    Ha so many triggered people

  • cosmic_trash_can

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    • cosmic_trash_can

      if she stopped hanging out and did something with her life maybe she wouldn’t be getting cold feet now

      • Mantas Stadalius

        She should stop feeling like shes in higher place than everyone else

      • Jack Tanto

        You cunt i hope yr children die

        • cosmic_trash_can

          i don’t plan on having kids tho

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          • cosmic_trash_can

            yes yes exactly

    • Vicky Bryan

      You do realize she really did hang herself because she was sexually abused and she was only 12? This is not at all funny.

    • Jack Tanto

      I’ll knock you out cunt

    • Katita Blacknall

      You are pitiful…people like you need their ass whooped for making cowardly, disrespectful ,bitch ass, comment.

  • Militarycadet Shaffer21

    To everyone who is on here can go to hell with your damn comments nobody wants to hear your shit go kill yourselves if you think it’s that easy do it and make a damn video cause I bet you don’t have the damn balls to do it yourself you fuckin scared little bitches

    • Vicky Bryan

      you first

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        • SiliconHawk

          Internet Warrior! You’re a loser Militarycade Shaffer21. Nothing but a troll.

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  • Andrea Lunsford

    If someone is abusing you, TELL a counselor at school. That is the safest place, and you will be taken out of that situation. They will believe you, and you will be able to get help.

    • Vicky Bryan

      Sometimes you wind up in the system which is even worse. I wish she would have had somebody to turn too.

  • Vicky Bryan

    He should be hung

  • Barbara Ann

    So sad for such a young girl or for anyone to do such a desperate thing. I wish her family no peace. RIP Katelyn.

  • Konstantinos

    Morbid curiosity.

  • zucriy

    You people making jokes are the reason shit like this happens! Grow the fuck up a little and be nice and have a heart

    • Are yall tarded?

      That’s like saying people who play with personal drones are responsible for government drone attacks.

      People who put the rope around their neck are responsible.

      If you lack the mental capacity to dismiss what people say “online”, (not even in real life) you are a sad person and I hope your parents bring you home some gummy worms and Play-Doh to play with.

      • Jailene Cisneros

        Freedoms of speech doesn’t mean freedom to hate. It doesn’t mean it’s OKAY to hurt someone verbally. You can go to jail for something you just say. So yeah, freedom of speech isnt exactly what your trying to portray. And I’m betting u were the type to insult people, since you think words shouldn’t matter , right?

        • SiliconHawk

          See my response to Giblet. Hate speech is protected by the First Amendment, but at times hate speech can be considered “fighting words” and “fighting words” are excluded from the First Amendment. It is situational. I can write the word “Fag***” on a sign as a Westboro Baptist member and protest and that is protected under the First Amendment. If I am in a verbal altercation with someone and call them that derogative term to engage them into a physical altercation then that is not protected.

          • Jimmy Lomax

            This moron obviously doesn’t understand the constitution. Well my right it’s to tell you to fuck off or lose an arm. Since in your opinion hate speech is constitutional my threat to you, which by the way is real and God have mercy you’ll never meet me, is also constitutional. So I extend this warning to all scumbags like you and that sick retarded perv that abused that poor girl. Cross my path and you’ll find out the worst and painful way that God does exist !!!

          • SiliconHawk

            This moron obviously doesn’t understand anything since this issue has already been addressed by SCOTUS. All you know how to do is talk without researching or understanding the facts. You probably can’t read, but threats, like the one you just poised, aren’t protected. I think what happened is tragic and anyone who thinks otherwise doesn’t have a soul. You obviously have issues and I hope we don’t meet since I exercise my Second Amendment right and you will lose. Next time think a little before you start flaming, you look ridiculous and quite silly.

      • Jailene Cisneros

        Its like saying since you don’t own guns , you’re a threat to it. Your comment is all the things wrong with some people.

      • Giblet

        Hey, fucktard, maybe if you actually read the U.S. constitution and the Declaration of Independence, you would actually know that, while freedom of speech is a right, verbally and emotionally abusing people is not a right granted to anyone. Even if you just say something mean, it is still violating people’s right to the pursuit of happiness, which is an unalienable right, granted to us.

        “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

        Verbally damaging people is a massive threat to their liberty.

        • SiliconHawk

          Everything you just said is wrong. Hate speech is not included in the list of exclusions, such as child pornography, threats and “fighting words”. You need to read the U.S. Constitution and go through several precedents before you start spouting off nonsense.

    • Robert

      There bullies. I beat the shit out of 3 bullies in high school. I made one shit his pants. I’m not proud of it now. But when I saw them always picking on someone for no reason. It pissed me off. I thought about what my dad told me “bullies are cowards”. He also said “help people when ever needed and never back down”. I guess I was the schools bullyizer.

    • Joey Benton

      Truer words have never been spoken….this is not a joke you are right.

  • ♊BishWhat♊


  • Rena

    Oh my Gosh,That is scary and it’s happening to more young people everyday…😭💖💯

  • Duane Stephens

    Disgusting that people would do such a thing to kids…!! I hope they catch his/her ass and fry em..!!.literally..!!

  • occams_razor

    Saddest thing I’ve seen in a long time.

  • Shelley Lindquist

    That’s just terrible!! I wish I had the nerve to go after the stepfather!!!!!!!

    • Robert

      I have the nerve.

    • Joey Benton

      Give me 5 minutes with whoever abused her. Its enough time to cut of his so called unit an watch him bleed out. Sick huh. That’s how I feel. She didnt deserve to die this way.

  • justin

    Hanging yourself looks way more painless then I thought it would look.

    • Robert

      Don’t do it. It does hurt. Not just you but everyone around you.


    • Anthony “stalker6recon”

      WOW, you very well might be the dumbest person ever to drawl breath into their lungs, do us all a favor and please stop, you are just wasting good O2!

    • Joey Benton

      Ok Mark Jesus had zero to do with this ok. The abuser is the 1 to blame. I feel sorry for you. She was a innocent angel and know she is blessed and with Jesus Christ.

  • Anthony “stalker6recon”

    I heard about this on another news site, on of course that I was unable to comment on, so here I am. If her allegations are true, and the police find catch the sick monster that caused this to happen, they should string his neck up to the same tree. Instead of allowing him to drop and letting his neck pop, they should pull him just high enough to cause him extreme agony. If he passes out, release the pressure until he comes too, give him some water and tell him it is over. Then, start it all over again. Once he dies accidentally after hours/days of pain, then and only then will justice be served.

    • Robert

      That a$$ho## that commented her suicide was a blessing that eliminated her suicidal gene pool. He might be the child abusing pedafile that drove her to it. That poor girl. I had a lot of suicides in my city growing up. A unbelievable 6 people I knew. 2 of them close friends and 1 family member. Plus just recently my young cousin of 28 years from drugs. I have a son who’s 15 now. I’m scared to not know how he’s feeling.

      • Anthony “stalker6recon”

        I can only imagine, I have known two people who decided to end it, one was my mothers best friend, which she had a very hard time overcoming, the other was just a guy from the town I grew up in, but never knew him very well. Probably one of the worst things for any family member to cope with, possibly worse on those left behind in many cases.

        This is a tragic story, and if she was truly the victim, I hope that those responsible burn in hell for all eternity, and I am an atheist, but I can still hope against hope, there is no crime more horrible and destructive to the psychological stability of a young child than the violation of this magnitude by someone trusted, it is absolutely appalling.

  • John Chem

    am i the only person who thinks this is just pent up angsty teen frustration because if so it would have eased up after like a month or so and it could have been helped with a little therapy (((((====> Let this serve as a reminder people have feelings no matter how heartless someone can be everyone still has feelings and if you know someone is depressed or say they are dont take it as a joke because its not this is a sad day for her family and friends and anyone who truly knows how it feels to be in a low mood feeling like there is no hope—–so please spread the word and let this be a reminder<===))))) my condolences to the family

  • Evelz6

    If you have kids, hold them closer tonight and cherish the light they still have in their eyes that burns bright. Children are precious and deserve better.

    It’s sad that people treat them badly, they look to us for guidance. You should have to have a license to have kids. Too many stupid and ignorant neglectful people have kids and don’t care about them. We read stories EVERY DAY about nut jobs locking their kids in bathrooms for a year, forcing them to use kitty litter boxes, smearing peanut butter on their faces and letting the Rottweilers lick it off, step parent/boyfriend rape fantasies… and on and on and on. THEY ARE JUST KIDS! What the hell is wrong with people? Like all things in society, I blame bad parenting (or lack there of parenting). It’s usually ALWAYS the root of most issues when you get down to it.

  • DemonRat

    Deleted from the gene pool. No chance of her spreading suicidal tedancies to the next generation.

    • lo

      Obviously your sociopath genes are going strong like HIV.

    • Robert

      What did you say!! You piece of sh@#. This is messed up and should be deleted.
      I have a son around her age. Am not the greatest father. I do love, wish and hope he grows up to be a better man than me.
      I bet your either a child abuser, or a wife beater.
      So go f#@# yourself. Suck another alley dick.

      • Joey Benton

        That dude is trailer park trash I agree with you.

    • Maddie Myworldent Olawumi

      Robert……demon rat or whatever you call yourself……you are an asshole to say that you ignorant bastard I have daughter her age….this is extremely disturbing and sad…that baby needed help…its assholes like you that pushed her over the edge….your ass needs to be deleted and your whole blood line if they think like you….she was just a kid……lord Jesus what is wrong with you….jerk……I hope someone hangs you from…… Her step dad needs to be charged with rape of a minor, cruelty to children, bullying, and several other crimes…..I am a firm believer you should the way you killed some….he may not have physically helped her….but he did push her along by instigating her already unstable mind……smdh….I hope your next you piece of shit

    • Joey Benton

      Oh demon rat how ignorant of you. Its people like you who don’t deserve to breath the same air as the rest of us. I hope you choke on your words of hate. Gene pool huh bet you don’t know even know where you come from. Right on Maddie!!!

    • I Wish You Would

      If we could only delete you. Smh

    • Dindu Nuffin

      There’s a good chance she wouldn’t have killed herself if she wasn’t on those psychotropics that rewire developing brains.

  • Trouble

    Am i the only one thats sad that the angle and light was sucky?

    • Jenet

      You are a seriously sick in the head individual, you know that? Its quite obvious that you have no children! I hope you rot in hell for such a sick comment!!

  • Joey Benton

    I am so physically ill by watching this. They need to find the monster pedophile an he should get life in prison in a cozy cell with a big huge rapist an get exactly what he deserves everyday an twice on Sunday! Pray universally daily for the family and that justice in the name of our Father will be served. There is a special place for people who hurt children an animals its called hell. God will have his say.

  • Just My Opinion

    Looks fake.

    • I Wish You Would

      Compared to what exactly? How many hangings have you seen in your lifetime?

  • TGIF 14

    people need to realise that what they do and what they say can affect people. words hurt to don’t forget that its not just physical pain just because you cant see the scars doesn’t mean there not there and everyone needs to know that what you say to people can lead to this,and this is not funny you dont get to come back and see your friend or family its permanent and you never know what goes on with them. because they could be one step away from doing this and what you say to them because you think its funny. that could be the last thing anyone will, say to them and what you say could be the last step they need. and if your going to say well they did it its their fault it not their fault because it has to get really bad for someone to take their own life so next time anyone here wants to bully someone just think this
    it could be the last step for them to kill them self and it will also be the last time their family get to see them,but what if their mum or dad wasn’t there that morning they never got to say goodbye or i love you to then and there going to have to live with that live with the fact that there daughter or son just killed them self s and they couldn’t stop it just think about that.

    • John GettinDoe

      Shut up faggot.

      • TGIF 14


      • stephen lamar

        you shut the fuck up…..this video will be removed soon 🙂 im reporting it as an act of terrorism since this site seems to love to watch children kill themselves


    White people love suicide because they’re weak minded and insecure

    • Esteban Varas Toribio

      Really your going racial its people like you that should be put in there place its 2017 enough with the racial bulshit


      I agree

      • Jenet

        I cant believe you grown ass men are so fuckin immature!!!

    • Jenet

      Really??????? Are u seriously going to bring the color of her skin into this debate???? You are very uneducated then, because many many many different colors of skin have committed suicide, you idiot! Many of them were black as the night!


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            Neither do you

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          • Oranga Tang

            Jenet…when a person kills or is killed by rope, it is called hanging or hanged or the person should hang, you never use the word hung where people are involved. A picture was hung in the wrong place or some men are well hung.

          • bpf007

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        • Van Cilla

          Smh. People like you are the reason why the word racist starts wars. One comment was enough but extend racial slurs towards some ones skin tone is preposterous, un-American. to attack an innocent being who took their life who had the world at their feet makes lots of younger generations want to take their lives. People like you don’t deserve to even be here in this beautiful world we live in. Your momma needs to whoop your ass if she is still around.


            Smfh white shame
            White ignorance

            You show it

          • Van Cilla

            Go to hell you piece of shit

    • Jenet

      There were many black slaves that hung themselves because of the sick and demented things that happened to them! Get educated before you open your uneducated racist ass mouth!




  • nickso jonson

    Just reading the shit below my post..it never stops to amaze me how plp only have the courage to say what they really want, when they can hide all safe and cozy in their little anonymous houses. Must take real balls. Very commendable.

  • nickso jonson

    And another bucket of gasoline into the fire.


    Over a boy ?

    12 years old ?

    Why do her parents allow her to even date
    Her white Dae most likely molested her

    In the white community child molestation and incest are considered normal

    • nickso jonson

      Considered to be normal by whom?


        The rest of the world

        • nickso jonson

          Says who??thats complete bullshit. Just convenient for this topic


            Everyone hates whites come on you should of known that

          • nickso jonson

            So because everyone hastes whites, naturally whites must love molestation and incest. You forgot beating the elderly? We love that to.

            So if ” everbody ” hates whites, are they infact racists?


            White people raping kidit’s in their blood to rape the land

    • Jenet

      You are so fuckin uneducated and make your race look so fuckin stupid! Why dont you just shut the fuck up before some educated black person comes and shuts your mouth for u? Where the fuck do you get off talkin your smack? White community consider child molestation and incest normal?? Really? You sound like a complete dumbass!!!!! I have family that are black and they would be ashamed to consider you of their race! Get a life and get educated before you pop off talkin all this bullshit!!!


        – hurt and insecure

      • Broseph

        Jenet, I know it’s hard for white people like you to understand, but one man making comments can’t make an entire race look stupid — to an intelligent person, that is. Just like I don’t think all white people are racist just because of one white person like you.

    • Marco Alves Monteiro

      Nigger. In black ghettos torturing white disabled boys is considered funny and raping white babies is accepted.


        White people did that to black people for over 400 years

        Tied up.. beaten …. forced to drink piss and eat poop…

        Sooooooo what you saying ?

        • Dindu Nuffin

          He’s saying you monkeys deserved and still do.

    • Lina

      Really???????!!!!??? This 12 year old just commited suicide, but all you can think about is racism. People like you are the reason we have people killing themselves. You are too worried about money, ego, yourself tio even consider her. She ended her life. Apparently the world relvolves around you so let’s talk about you. How are you today? Are you tired? Tired of being rude? Tired of making everything revolve aroung you? RIP Katelyn!!!


        – upset and insecure

  • Mac mcgowan

    I love the top line under comments says “no spamming or racism”… lol.

  • Ben B

    Internet tough guys, talking smack because they don’t have to fear any repercussions.
    Funny how saying a few words about a girl that committed suicide can make you cowards feel funny or tough.
    Funnier how I never hear anybody saying this stuff in real life!
    How tough are you when you can only say things like that behind a fake name, online.
    I know…I know…fuck me…I’m a bitch….I’m some (insert racist comment here)…..I like dicks….whatever. More of you’re online posturing because you know you’re too scared to say it in person, and you just want to feel dominant and funny….

    For the abuse and fear this child suffered from someone who molested her, I am sorry. I wish she had found help, but at least she isn’t scared anymore, and hopefully they catch the asshole and he never gets the chance to hurt another kid.

    Now, feel free to attack me….Your words, like your lives, are meaningless.

    • Tegan Nappari

      I’m not attacking. I’m agreeing. “Keyboard warriors” . No balls in real life. They would never risk getting their ass beat in real life. Like the kid telling me my mom should’ve aborted me with a clothes hanger to spare the world? Lol! Ok first off, my mom is dead. Second I’ve accomplished enough in my life to make that statement even more wrong than anything else. Almost 8 years (7 years 9 months if you want to get specific)in the USMC with an honorable discharge. A master’s degree in computer sciences and engineering. While little wanna be thug has yet to graduate high school. Lol. Laugh at em. Speaking of mothers, I honestly think his forgot to beat his ass as a child. And while he’s angry about a random stanger on the internet I’m going back to my life and my 4 month old who actually needs me. Lol

      • Ben B

        I agree with you, as well, but I have no idea what you’re talking about with this jackass that was attacking you.
        Either way, they’re just some big mouth as long as there are no consequences. The internet i full of them.
        I confront people in person, very frequently. Polite, but stern, and not one time…and I do this a few times a week…has one person decided they want to fight. Most times, they just lower their eyes and walk away.
        I’m also a vet, and fully understand the accomplishment involved in serving in the military.
        Take care, Devil Dog!

        • Dindu Nuffin

          Don’t believe that thing. She is ghetto, wanted to fight a 15 year old but couldn’t because of the age difference, cuts herself, called her mom names before the mom died, her entire family called her out on her pathological lies, and she even said she can’t have kids, doesn’t want kids, and then said she has a 4 month year old daughter. I’m all about the USMC and other services, but she was probably discharged for being a complete psychopath.

          • Ben B

            I checked out her comments, and can see that she has lied. Thanks for the heads up on that.

            But, you a giant sack of trolling shit, too. That is all you are on here for….to troll people, and say the exact kind of shit almost none of you trolls have the spine to say in person.

            I know….blah blah blah…I’m some sort of (insert racist, little dick comment here).

            I just don’t care,

          • Dindu Nuffin

            Did someone say TROLL??? “Do you people need a safe space….are the words hurting you???” , “Those people are overly sensitive.”, “Maybe in your tiny head, that kind of BS bothers you, but for me, the opinions of sheep don’t matter”, ” You’re so insecure”, “Your words, like your lives, are meaningless”, (…and of course, let’s not forget your hypocrisy quote),
            ” That is all you are on here for….to troll people”….

          • Ben B

            Yes, I am trolling, a bit.
            But there is a difference. You are trolling just for the sake of trolling…for the laughs.
            I am trolling the assholes that came here to make racist comments and/or attack innocent people, just to be assholes because they find that funny.

            You’re the guy in a fight, just because you like hitting random people for no reason.
            I’m the guy in a fight because I don’t like seeing random people attacked for no reason, so I step in.

            You = Bully
            Me = Guy who hits bullies for being bullies…or at least distracts them for a bit.

            I know, you now have some comment about psychology, or you’ll laugh, or some other collection of words that are meaningless, but, while you’re wasting your time on me, you’re not typing BS at anyone else, and I’m good with that.

      • Dindu Nuffin

        Go cut yourself some more. I have a CCW for defense against violent idiots such as yourself. Funny how you called your mom a bitch before she died, and your family call you a liar…but here you are, the fat nasty pig thing you are, saying you can’t have kids and don’t want them to one person, then saying you have a daughter lol. You are crazy, and mentally deranged. No wonder Marcus left your nastiness in the wind. Remember, YOU’RE the one mad at some stranger on the internet. I could give two phucks about a bloated, pig thing who really is a pathological liar and calls her mom names. You have SEVERE mental problems, so make sure to hit an artery next time you decide to cut yourself, Lynn. Marcus won’t care, nor will anybody else.

    • nickso jonson

      I know.. the internet is one nasty place. Everyones balls are made of steel. They’re some spineless softcocks who would never say boo to their own shadow… but u wait till they get home and they will let Rip! All safe and sound behind a nice….firewall. cock in one hand phone in tbe other

  • MrKnoitall

    Wow y’all wait until some young girl dies to talk shit about race. Clearly that lilttle girl was sick and needed help. All y’all should be ashamed of yourselves. Instead of fighting each other, let’s see y’all come together and prevent this from ever happening to any kid.

    • nickso jonson


  • stephen lamar

    Everyone please report this video this shit should not be online ITS A FUCKING CHILD!!

  • stephen lamar

    Where the hell do I go to report this video This shit should not be allowed online

  • nickso jonson

    Gods police at it again.

    • stephen lamar

      Ya know what nothing anyone says or does is something that God will ever approve of and only in Death can the True Truth come forward till then all we do is live our Life and hope for the best

  • Human Being

    so sad, we are all from the same seed, instead of helping each another many prefer to use their precious time wasted by hurting others in any form they deem possible, Free Will has its consequences, Your faith awaits Judgement day, Live your life by fulfilling your only purpose in life, to exist and aid those in need!

  • bob long

    She was beautiful. I’m sorry for her. It reminds me of the movie “Once were warriors”. I hope someone has the courage and intellect to find the pedo(s) and grind their faces into the pavement making them choke on their own blood, teeth, and vomit before they go to prison. Personally, if she were my child or neighbor, I’d perform sexual reassignment surgery with a machete.

  • tickyul

    Just horrible!

  • Alberto Castellanos


  • MrScorpio

    I assume they’ve got the cunt who sexually abused her?

    • nickso jonson

      You would hope so


    Fuck you.. you kkk asshole

  • Sol Ben

    Well, she is was a kid but a murderer, killing one self is a murderer too, and the worst kind of a murderer, because when one kills another human the closer the person is to you the worse it is, and you are the closest one to your self… I hope you have enough brains to understand what I am saying

  • Maura Egan

    Way to make this about u…

    • stephen lamar

      This had everything to do about her and the fact that NO ONE CARED ENOUGH TO STOP IT!!!!!!!

  • nickso jonson

    Im white as a ghost, u do not reflect my opinion.

  • Aaron Armendariz

    Just letting you know, she did it wrong.

    • stephen lamar

      She shouldn’t have done it at all I blame every single person online for not trying to stop her

      • Aaron Armendariz

        Damn. Next person who is going to take their life, let me know so I can help. 😒 I wish I could be like you who helped.

    • Taryn Jordan

      Are you serious? She did it wrong? She shouldn’t have done it at all. She should have never been pushed to that point. Instead of nitpicking about how a child took her own life, why don’t you offer your condolences? Shameful.

      • Aaron Armendariz

        Well I’m not soft. I don’t feel sorry for people who die. I’m emotionless

  • Jen

    I’m not sure I believe this. Normal body response when asphyxiating is to reach for whatever is choking you. Whether you want to or not.

    • stephen lamar

      their is no way in hell this can be fake she is confirmed dead

    • Mark Davy

      It’s real!

    • Dindu Nuffin

      You are sort of right…She hugged herself, and it was her own emotions she was choking on….

    • Ben B

      Normal body response if you are slowly being choked.
      Chances are the rope cut off her blood flow to her brain, by pressing against her carotid artery branches in her neck, and she passed out, and that only takes seconds.. Any movement after that could have just been spasms and/or unconscious movement.
      Watched that happen to an Army buddy who was climbing a telephone pole to mount a security camera. He slipped and a line wrapped around his neck, and he was choked out in 3 or 4 seconds, and in the 30 more seconds it took us to get him, he never reached for his throat, but his arms were moving.

  • Destiné

    This is definitely real. And her body was definitely flinching as she was taking her last few breaths. I pray that whoever put her through this amount of hell gets what they deserve, she’s a kid. A baby. No kid, no human deserves any type of harm that’s she’s been through. Sadly, with knowing the things that’s she’s been through, I would have done the same. If help didn’t help me the way it intended. Things happen. And sadly, bad things happen as well. I am so sorry for the ones who actually loved and cared for this little girl, for the ones who showed fake love I hope y’all rot. Bc y’all are just as much of a murderer


  • Jimmy

    This is a sad and cruel world we live in, the fact this child not only wanted to die but killed her self shows how badly she was hurting. I hope they lock her mother and her husband up and throw away the key!