Bar Fight Between Two Dudes Leads To Epic Double KO


A video posted by Corey Boettcher (@boettcherboy) on Aug 14, 2015 at 11:41pm PDT I’ve seen a double KO happen a few times in MMA but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it happen in a street fight. This video was taken ...

Girl Uses Own Breasts During Fight to Smother Opponent


Even the camera woman was baffled when the girl on top started using her boobs as a deadly weapon.

Bully Gets Jaw Dislocated After Assaulting Victim


This guy took one to the jaw and it didn’t want anything else to with the dude he started shit with. If you ever see someone starting shit with a bigger guy and you don’t feel like stopping it. Get your phone out (...

Girl Shows The Proper Way To Put Pants On With No Hands


I know what I am trying tonight… This girl shows off her skill of putting her pants on with no hands. Say what you want about how weak of a talent this is, but I would like to see you try it!

Angry Man in Wheelchair Blasts Through Store Window


I guess at this point this man just doesn’t care, when he couldn’t get paid he started ramming his electric wheelchair into the windows until they shattered. He just looks like he is done with life and didn’t care abo...

Dude Live Streams Himself Driving Reckless Before 115 Mph Crash


A Driver in Providence, Rhode Island filmed himself driving at speeds over 115 mph while weaving through highway traffic before losing control of the vehicle and crashing into the back of a garbage truck. According...

Teacher Slaps Student Who Wont Stop Throwing Sh*t in Class


This student doesn’t know that messing with teachers stopped being funny once out of middle school. He also doesn’t know when the quit, he got away with the first throw but the second one sealed his fate. The teacher ...

Make a Wish Foundation Funds a Young Boy’s Dream of Blowing Sh*t Up


Make a Wish Foundation lets a boy live his dream of “blowing stuff up”. A young boy with a bad case of leukemia was picked by the Make a Wish Foundation to live his biggest dream. Most kids want to go somewhere or mee...

Man Gets 100 days in Jail for Threatening Judge


During a bond hearing this guy got even more charges after threatening the judge and being held in contempt. In his bond hearing after being charged with terroristic threats and second degree assault Michael Ray could...

Jennifer Aniston Admits on Ellen To Wild Threesome She Had On Plane


Jennifer Aniston has admitted she joined the mile high club – and on more than one occasion. During her recent appearance on Ellen, during the game ‘Never Have I Ever’ Aniston admitted to not only having joined the...

Hunter Saves Elk By Setting It Free with a Shotgun


A hunter used his shotgun to free an elk that was trapped in a net. Shooting an elk that can’t move isn’t very sportsmanlike, so when this hunter saw an elk stuck he didn’t want it. Instead he wanted to free it so tha...

Large Naked Woman Thrown from Truck On Road After Man Steals Cupcake


Big old girl is off her rocker chasing vehicles in the street, I doubt any sane person would let her in their car after hearing her babble.

Girls Starts The “Pointy Nipple” Challenge To Promote Candy


More and more people are trying to start challenges. Because of this, we are getting some pretty stupid shit barfed on the web this week. I hope it catches on and everyone does it. Why? Because I love CANDY! This c...

Bully Instantly Regrets Picking On The Wrong Guy


As the old saying goes ‘karma’s a bitch’, well it turns out it’s got a brutal left hook as well. A shocking video, released on LiveLeak, shows the moment that a cruel bully in the Netherlands gets knocked on his a...

Woman Opens Emergency Exit & Jumps Out Of Plane!


A woman opened the emergency exit door and jumped out of a plane as it was taxiing down a runway in Houston, startling passengers on board. The United Airlines flight had just landed in Houston from New Orleans and wa...

Lion Tamer Mauled to Death During Circus Act


A lion trainer was mauled to death during a circus act as an audience watched on in horror and filmed on mobile phones.

Condom Prank On Girlfriend Ends Really Bad


I can’t think why this sadistic guy would ever do this to his relationship, but he did and it ended in violence.

Biker Gets Revenge On Road Rager After Hitting Him With Water Bottle


Damn… What a toss. Both guys get some credit for aim whole traveling at a high speed. I am giving the biker 100 bonus points for swatting the bottle away and not crashing. I am then taking away all 100 of those for...